Even though, almost all wedding blogs are focused on brides and her preparation for the big day, it often escapes people the effort it takes grooms to try and match up to the inimitable perfection of their brides. It’s definitely not all about egomania or vanity. With wedding photography and films being as high definition as possible, it gives no one the option to slack off. Everyone’s gotta look their best at weddings. Especially the grooms!
Grooms don’t shy away from pampering and self-care anymore. They put effort into their looks, their attires and their accessories. And unsurprisingly, it pays off. Some grooms manage to clean up and look supremely dapper - enough to look almost as flawless as their brides.
We realised that we can’t hide this from the rest of the world anymore and it’s crucial to show some of the many handsome and dashing grooms of Studio 31!
Authored by Divya Babu.
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