Like the actual uptight grammar grouch that I am, the only blogs that I was reading about New Years was Grammarly's blog on when to say “New Year's” and when to use “New Years”. Somehow this became a reality check that had me thinking that I was lucky to actually do something I enjoy. And that's a privilege not everyone has. When I looked back on what an eventful year this has been for me and everyone else here at Studio 31, I can't help but feel grateful.
It's been a year full of ups and downs but what our founder Pranesh says is that it's been a year of opportunities and lessons. He points out how we've learned lessons we couldn't have without failing, without falling, without being brought down to our knees. He distinguishes that lessons are just adventures with a significance attached to it, a significance that can be derived and reused when needed. Failure can't be a dirty word to us, especially in a field so temperamental, competitive and inestimable. He goes onto point out how he most definitely isn't scared of failure particularly because he doesn't have the luxury to sit frozen in fear and he deems it an honor. He enjoys the responsibilities, the pressure and the beauty that accompanies this job.
“Success is a part of the growth that every company goes through, but it is most definitely not the destination,” Pranesh says. He doesn't get hung up on the victories, focuses on the downfalls and ensures that he leads his team in a way that never leaves him with any regrets.
The team, though we don't have a lot of wisdom to share with others, we surely do appreciate the acuity that Pranesh shares with us. So, as a surprise to our beloved founder and as a gesture of our appreciation, we wanted to say a few things to him and we chose to do it here!
Victor Samuel 
I think I should begin by saying that he has one of the wisest marketing minds that I have met. He treats his coworkers as friends and family, rather than employees. He helped to shape my professional career. So, I just have one thing to say - Thanks for being the best boss ever!
He’s extremely friendly and so easy to approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to talk to him about anything. And it would be an understatement to say he’s helped me become better at what I do.
Saraswathy Ramesh 
He’s a guiding force and a motivator who mentors his young team brilliantly. A boss who can be regarded as a friend. He is one of a kind - a privilege to work under.
Roger Gingo
He is someone who wants his employees to reach great goals both personally and professionally. And he keeps providing us with opportunities to learn from, chances to better ourselves. He’s easily a great friend and a guide for all of us.
Kirubha Karan 
I guess I have to start by thanking him for giving me an opportunity in the creative field as I have come from an engineering background. I started out knowing nothing about the creative field to becoming someone who has knowledge about this field now. I admire his leadership, kindness, management skills and how he’s a friend to all of us. He’s always being a backbone not just to the company but also to me personally and has never let me down in any situation. I have learned a lot of new things which would have not been possible without all his support and encouragement. I am so glad to have a boss like him.
Aswini Srinivasan
He's an awesome boss, a mentor, a business partner one dreams of having and most of all, the best friend I could ever ask for in life. He has been there right from the start of my career, guiding me in every step I have taken and has made me what I am today.
Ravi Kumar
The man who created opportunities for many to grow and learn - that’s our boss. He’s helped almost all of us succeed and become better versions of ourselves.
Ilayaraja Sunderesan
Our boss is someone who thinks way more about his employee's than himself. He’s an inspiration to me, to put it simply. He is an inspiration for many of us because running a company single-handedly from the age of 23 was an impossible feat to me until I met him. I have learned loads of things from him and I admired a lot of his qualities.
Yogeshwaran Malleeswaran
The first thing that pops into my head is that he’s a wonderful human being. I admire his business skills and quite in awe of all the great business decisions he takes. He always supports his employees and treats everyone with fairness and just. He’s easily the best boss I have ever had.
Vignesh Subramanian
Talking about Pranesh in a few words is extremely hard but if I have to briefly mention what I admire the most in him, it would be these. He has excellent leadership qualities and he’s a great inspiration for us. He is incredibly kind and constantly motivating all of us.
Dinesh Raj
I think it’s a given how great a leader he is. I don’t think it needs to be stated that he has great leadership qualities. Aside from his incredible leadership skills, the first thing that comes to mind is how sweet of a person he is. He’s pragmatic and inspiring. What more could one want in a boss?
Raja Soundarajan
I am a man of few words, so I will keep it simple and crystal. It’s hard to find people who are the same (in other words themselves) with everyone. And Mr. Pranesh Padmanabhan tops that list of people who are comfortable just being themselves with whomever they meet. He is very kind and humble which are qualities that I greatly admire in him. What astonishes me is that he takes the time to consider his employee's thoughts/ideas regarding his company/project. Even though we don’t talk much (mostly we smile and nod civilly), I have huge respect for him. And thank you for everything, boss.
I have known Pranesh for almost five years now. He’s incredibly friendly and has constantly been a motivation and pillar of support for me. He’s a great leader and I don’t think I could have asked for a better boss than him.
The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Pranesh is how much space he has given not just me but all of us to showcase our skills. It’s incredible how much I have grown because of the freedom he has given me. And I am extremely thankful for him being my friend and an amazing leader.
Tamil Arasan
There are a lot of things I admire in Mr. Pranesh Padmanabhan, but the one that stands out for me is how much care and thought he gives to every single one of our ideas. He genuinely cares about the input we give him and gives us ideas to inspire us. He’s motivating and inspiring and I feel really fortunate to work under him.
Mr. Pranesh Padmanabhan is one of the chilled out/unique boss that anyone would wish to have. He works really hard to satisfy not just clients but his employee's state of mind ( as he listens to our ideas). He treats everyone the same which is pretty awesome. I wanna thank him from the bottom of my heart for creating such an environment for us. I consider it a privilege working for him.
Udhay Kumar
It would be unfair to call him my boss as he behaves more like a friend to all of us. I have never come across such a kind and gentle person. I feel incredibly fortunate to work under him. He’s an amazing leader and an inspiration for me, especially how hard he works. Thanks, boss, for everything.
I don’t think there’s anyone like him. It’s going to be super hard to talk just a few words about him. What I respect the most about him is how he’s created a family, for us who never thought working for him could give us colleagues who are basically family. He helps us if we are in need without even us having to ask him for it. He’s given us the freedom to succeed, space to grow and constant inspiration to better ourselves. I mean it when I say this, boss - Thanks for being the best boss ever.
A friendly leader who not only guides us but also cares about our ideas and work satisfaction. He’s helpful and kind to all of us, ensuring that we are constantly learning and growing. I don’t think anyone looks for more in a boss than these qualities.
Varshini Krishnamoorthy
Saying thank you isn't enough to show my gratitude for the amazing start you've given me, for my career. I am lucky to have a boss like you. Thank you for everything you do.
Thank you for converting our mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strength. Our workplace feels more like a community because of you and you are definitely the coolest boss I've seen. Thank you for taking the time to teach us and giving us more time to excel in work. Thank you for believing in us.
Roy Kingsley
So my ambition here has always been to learn the recipe on how to run a successful business and I did just that. Pranesh taught me from start to end how he manages his operation - full transparency, which I did not expect but I'm so grateful for. I'm a production manager and I've had the opportunity to watch him come up with his business strategies which always shows me why he is one of the four wise men of this company. So, all in all, he is the complete package of an entrepreneur and I'm extremely glad to start my career under him.
Shruthi Krishnan 
No words to express, thanks for being the best boss.
Varshini Selapalam 
He's all about the self-learning, which I find extremely admirable. The freedom I have at work now is something I never really expected to have in any organization, but he's given me all the freedom I need, the time and space to experiment, fail and try again until I find the right formula. Couldn't have asked for a better start to my career and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity.
Divya Babu
All I knew was I wanted to write. And that’s all I told Pranesh when I came in for the interview. To give someone an opportunity because she shows passion, was something that I did expect to hear from the CEO of a successful company. But I am so grateful he decided to do so. He’s patient with mentoring me when I do something wrong, he’s passionate about what he’s doing, so it’s impossible not be excited to work when you come into the office every day and he has so much knowledge about the business world that he shares with us without any hesitation.
So, boss - thank you for taking a chance on me and allowing me to do something I love.  
We know you’re reading this now and we did kind of blindside you by showcasing our admiration for you, publically (I know how much you hate any attention you receive). But accept this token of gratitude from us and we all wish you a brilliant 2019!
And, of course, to everyone reading this blog, we’re immensely grateful for all the love and support, and we are excited to be making the art we so dearly love. Happy 2019, everyone!
Authored by Divya Babu.
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