Weddings are once in a lifetime -- and are often events that are emotionally charged. A day as important as this, calls for the need to capture every moment into one beautiful output, to be cherished for generations to come.
But, here comes the tricky part -- How do you chose a photographer? Should he/she be able to relate to you and your partner’s perspective? Or should you just leave it to them to deliver their best?
Well, there’s no one single way to answer this. The wedding photography industry today is extremely dynamic, with photographers from across trying to go the extra mile to make this time extra special and unforgettable. In this constantly changing space, it is important that you hire someone who knows what they’re doing. And that starts with shortlisting someone who had already done what you have an inclination for, a significant number of times already.
How do you start about getting your list? Here’s our top five:
Website + Social media? Check.
The obvious thing to do when you wish to finalise a photographer for your wedding is to browse through their work. Go through their website and social media profiles to see the kind of photography they do, and also if that’s something you want for your wedding.
Say, you want a lot of happy and candid photographs for your big day, then look for photographers who have a penchant for creative and unique ways of capturing candid photographs. While this takes care of your basic research, the harder part is in knowing the kind of wedding documentation you want. The bridge between your expectations and how the pictures turn out can be crossed only if you can articulate to your prospective photographer about the style you have in mind. If you can do this, you’re halfway through getting some of the best pictures.  
Reviews? Check.
When we are so thorough with reviews when it comes to investing in a gadget, going to a restaurant or even opting for a course, why not check reviews of your wedding photography company?
Clients usually have no bias towards or against the photographers. The evaluation of their experience with the people behind the lens is entirely independent and honest. So, that’s a great way to check if the team you want to settle on is comfortable to work with, are creative and if the process would be hassle-free.
Pricing? Check.
It’s understandable that allocating a budget for your wedding photography can be confusing. It’s always a mystery to figure out whether you overspent or got lucky. It’s subjective to the services you desire and how much would that cost the photographer to provide you with the best deliverables. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t have a budget in mind. Most photographers are open to negotiations and both parties can find a common ground, given that both are flexible.
Pre-wedding meeting? Check.
Yes! A photographer needs to know every detail of your wedding -- The important speech your family has secretly prepared for you or the inconspicuous but impressive décor or aesthetic shots of your wedding attires. Also, chances are, you will be spending as much time with your photographer as you do with your family on your wedding day. So ensure that you’re comfortable with the team that’s there to document your wedding.
Terms and conditions? Check.
Yes. It’s pivotal to know about your rights. Almost all contracts specify that the photographers own the rights to all photographs taken at your wedding. Which incidentally means that they can use it for any branding/marketing purposes. If you do not prefer that and want control of where they are published, know that in most cases, it is negotiable, but it should be done before signing the contract for legal purposes.
Authored by Divya Babu.
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