Before we start getting into this endearing tale of Janani and Yugesh's story, I just want to say that I know art demands creativity and one shouldn't milk a concept just because the artist really enjoys it and it's become quite famous with the audience. Here the artist is me and the recurring concept is my obsession with words. With that being said, I'm bringing back my ‘untranslatable foreign words for love that we all should know about’ trope. Because I couldn't stop thinking of this word when I first read Janani and Yugesh's story.
“Flechazo” in Spanish literally means an arrow wound. More specifically, an arrow shot by the mythological God of Love, Cupid. More colloquially, they just term it ‘Love at first sight’. It's adorable but quite honestly, the intensity that a word can carry when it translates to “Arrow wound” is much higher than the cliche “Love at first sight”. And I absolutely fell in love with it. Somehow, Janani and Yugesh have become the human personification of this gorgeous phrase.
Janani and Yugesh met in their office and worked with each other for four years. They became really good friends and spent almost every day of the week together. While now sheepishly Yugesh admits that he had a huge crush on Janani and was quite taken aback at how strong his feelings for her were, he never felt ready to express them. Janani, on the other hand, was pretty comfortable with where both of them were - just friends. It was a bit of “Will they, won't they?” for a while for the entire office.
But what would have eventually ended with them getting together, got abruptly shortened because Janani rightfully chose to leave for higher studies in a prestigious German university. They both couldn't stop wondering what could have happened if Janani didn't have to leave. Meanwhile, Yugesh had started working in London and while the distance kept growing between them, somehow they were just pulled towards each other and became closer.
After her studies had been completed, she decided to take a vacation back to the homeland to visit her family. During that time, Yugesh decided to fly in from London to not just surprise her but also confess his feelings for her. He says he just decided that he's spent enough time pondering over his feelings and the concept of love to understand that there will never be anyone other than Janani.
While that may be quite possibly one of the most romantic things we've ever heard, Janani was pretty swept off her feet too. She also says how she did not expect him to actually confess his feelings for her, nor did she expect him to surprise her. She reminisces how her feelings just overwhelmed her and she couldn't just ignore them anymore. She made it clear to him that she wanted to date him only if he's in for the long haul. And Yugesh happily obliged.
After months of dating, they didn't see a point in waiting. They've known each other for years, essentially did the long distance relationship even when they weren't technically in a relationship, had dramatic moments of moving to different countries to surprise each other and are still head over heels in love with each other. So, they decided to speak to their families to explain that they wanted to get hitched.
The families adored them together and instantly agreed to the union of the couple. The wedding was everything you'd expect it to be - elegant, joyous and mesmerising - everything we'd use to describe this couple's love. It took place at the gorgeous Rina’s Venue in the city of Chennai and the charming couple stole everyone's heart. With not a dry eye in the room, Janani and Yugesh stepped into the newest phase of their life and we could not be happier for them.
Studio 31 wishes this couple a wonderful life ahead.
Shot by Arun Kumar
Authored by Divya Babu
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