I do enjoy writing stories about our couples but the ones I have a soft spot for are stories where they have been together for such a long time that they are practically a married couple already. Stories where they fell for each other when they had been teenagers and still behave like it was no longer than yesterday - those are my favorite kind of stories. Neeraja and Sujay are one of the couples who fall under this adorable category and I can't wait to narrate their story to you. So, strap in, everybody. This is going to be a sweet ride.
This couple's acquaintance was dawned in February of 2006 when they started texting each other, major merit to the unlimited text messages in the now ancient Nokia 1100. Their friendship grew, feelings blossomed into young love and it has been nothing short of a fairytale since then. The young lovebirds shared everything - their first love, first date, first fight and stuck together when the distance grew and meetings reduced. They spent a part of their school life, college life and work life with each other so I believe it's fair to say that they grew up together and entered brand new phases of their lives with both of them standing by each other.
Neeraja and Sujay are such incredible people but what's beautiful to see is that it's obvious how much effect both of them have had on each other's personalities. It's almost like, when you meet people you know have been in love for ages, you can see pieces of their characteristics in each other. It's almost bewildering to think how easily and comfortably their souls are entwined with one another.
The wedding was perfect - there's honestly no other way to describe it. The couple was full of love, content, and happiness. They complemented each other perfectly in almost every aspect during the wedding, which made it extremely easy and fun for us to capture them. Their energy and laughter were infections and their love, contagious. The family and friends rejoiced in the joy of watching these two souls celebrating their love.
The wedding was adorably named ‘Knot the Brahmins’ by the family and included all the infamous rituals - the Bharaat, Sangeet, Mehendi and the wedding, of course. It was traditional, full of culture yet contemporary and had a tinge of modernism to it. Basically, it represented everything that Neeraja and Sujay are. Their families have known each other for ages and have had two whole years to just plan the wedding, left no stone unturned as they ensured that the couple enjoyed and experienced everything they could in their one-of-a-kind wedding!
Oh, and what a pleasure it was to capture it! So, go on then, scroll down and relish in the beauty that was this couple, their love and their wedding.​​​​​​​
Post wedding shoot:
Authored by Divya Babu
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