How a crisis created an entrepreneur at Studio 31
There's always some good from bad. I've always believed that, every crisis opens up thousands of opportunities. 
In the pre-covid world, many of us were too comfortable with where we were and did not want to embrace new changes in life. But, little over a 100 something days later, today, is all about creating a new change in anything and everything. The new normal like they say. 
The COVID-19 situation had opened up one such opportunity for our Chief Strategist -  Aswini here at Studio 31, and she made the best use of it. Many talk, only a few do and here's a classic example.
Chennai's first frozen cookie dough
Well, I can talk about it. But that'll be like I'm marketing the brand ;-)
But here's a more credible story. It's been less than two weeks since The Dough Co. started accepting pre-orders, and The New Indian Express wrote a powerful story about it.
One does not require a lot of capital and knowledge to pursue entrepreneurship. Like the popular phrase, " A journey of thousand miles, starts with a single step " . 
Aswini Srinivasan
Aswini started The Dough Co. with an investment that's less than Rs.15,000/-. All it took was the brave decision to start somewhere. Will you believe me if I said that she already has some angel investors approaching her? That's the power of doing something, without waiting for the right time. There's no right time. You've just have to make your time right. Like she did.
So, here's my piece of advice to you. Take a deep breath. Reduce overthinking. You don't need everything to be perfect.  Just start. You'll figure out things only when you have begun something.
There are plenty of opportunities out there. Especially due to the pandemic. The rules have changed and it's for the better. Go and create some new value for people. Make them love you. And, there's no turning back.

The world is undergoing a transformation that none of us even imagined. Take the lead and do not wait for it to come to you. 
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Authored by Pranesh | Studio 31
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