We have all come across friends who are so obviously perfect for each other but somehow remain oblivious to that fact. Arun and Gayathri happen to be one of those couples. Friends for years, but always in denial to consider a possibility of being life partners, though it seemed super evident to their friends. It was only until the eventuality that was waiting for them - love found them, finally.
It’s true that opposites do attract. And this adorable couple is a living embodiment of it. She’s a dentist, he’s an engineer. She’s a makeup fanatic, he loves bike rides. She likes staying at home, curled up and relaxed, he likes going on long trips and travel. They not only found each other’s differences fascinating, but started having a taste for it. The couple were best friends for years before they fell in love.
When the families learnt that they want to take their tale of love and make it forever, there was nothing but joy. Gayathri’s mother was elated to hear that Arun was the one her daughter was in love with. Here’s a mushy moment alert - Arun and Gayathri’s mother have also been best friends for the same time. Hands down, it’s easily one of the cutest things we’ve ever heard from a groom.
Their wedding was a beautiful mixture of cultures and tradition, coupled with breathtaking ceremonies, with the bride and groom completely lost in their own bubble. Did we love being a part of their journey? Hell yeah! We were in a trance.
Behind the lens:
Our maven photographer, Yogesh Malleeswaran who captured these gorgeous photographs says “I have seen my fair share of weddings and I have got to say that this was one of the most vibrant weddings I have seen. The color theme, the beautiful destination, the delightful decor and their striking wedding dresses came out looking great.”
Our favorite shutterbug, Vignesh Subramanian says “What inspires a wedding photographer is primarily the couple. Yes, the venue, the decor, and the lighting are incredibly important but the inspiration comes from the couple. Here, luckily the couple was the personification of fun, chemistry, and romance. It was obvious that they are best friends.  And they brought the whole event to life. It was a pleasure to capture their wedding and to be a part of their big day.”
Authored by Divya Babu.
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