If you’re wondering what MVP stands for, it’s slang for “Most Valuable Player”, which incidentally means the one that steals the show at games or in our case, weddings. And if you want to understand why we call kids the real MVPs of weddings, keep on reading.
Let’s be honest - kids in weddings are a treat to watch and an ordeal to manage. What’s more daunting than managing your kids in weddings is getting them dressed up for it and making sure their attires aren’t completely destroyed by the end of the evening. And of course, kids shouldn’t be held back, they need to be themselves - full of mischief, fun, and joy. It goes without saying what a pleasure it is, on the whole, to actually have them be a part of your big day. They bring a lot of light, laughter, and playfulness to the event.
Our real wedding kids showcase that they are all of that and more. So look at them adorn light yet trendy, simple yet stylish attires with a lot of cuteness to go along with it. And we mean, a whole lot of cuteness. Cuteness overloaded!
Authored by Divya Babu.
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