I absolutely adore writing about couples who can not stop listing the things they love about each other. Naming things they find endearing in each other, being able to find magic even in normal, mundane, everyday things they do together and dealing with differences between each other through love and patience. These aren't as common as we wish to see in couples and it gave me such happiness when I met Vignesh and Tejaswini that they share all of that and more. That's what I learned when I first met Vignesh and Tejaswini. The love they shared was so obvious that it almost made me feel like I didn't need to ask them to state their story for me to write about it.
I know it seems a little given for couples in love to share all the feelings I mentioned above. But it's not as common for people to openly share their feelings and be secure enough to state the things they love about each other in front of a stranger. And Vignesh and Tejaswini had that. They were comfortable with each other and had no reluctance in letting the world know about how much they love each other.
Vignesh could not stop listing the things he loved about Tejaswini when we asked him what characteristics of hers he loved the most. He gushed about how much trust, comfort, and love exists in their relationship and how he could not wait to start spending their lives together with each other. Tejaswini, though a little shy, shared how he never fails to make her laugh and is always there when she needs him. This couple did not just share some of the loveliest things we have heard but they got the entirety of Studio 31 smiling when they told us their story.
This adorable couple met each other online and couldn't wait to meet each other in person after piquing each other's curiosity. When they met, sparks flew. And they have never looked back. Almost as if the universe didn't want them to stay apart, Tejaswini's family showed her a picture of Vignesh and asked her if she was interested in getting to know him and potentially marry him. It was almost ironic that life threw a curve at them in the most wholesome and positive way possible.
Their wedding was a gorgeous affair in Pondicherry and it represented everything the couple represents - love, light, and laughter. Family and friends couldn't hide their happy tears as they watched the couple promise to be there for each other through anything and everything. It was a beautiful event to be a part of and we at Studio 31 couldn't be more happy for the couple.
Authored by Divya Babu
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