Listening to couples share their love stories, all soft and sweet, always warms our hearts. And some love stories are like a really well written novel. It's got suspense, authenticity, a lot of heart and a touch of drama. That's what this story has
Nivedha says she never would have imagined that it was Ravi she would end up with. But when she did, it seemed more like a realisation than a surprise. When people hinted at how they were both meant to be together, they never made anything of it. But when the feelings become overwhelming and evident to both of them, the realisation came so peculiarly. It came in the form of mountain tops engulfed in clouds. Clouds that turned out to be a bubble of sweetness, support, painfully in love and promising forever to each other. It was a mountain top that they never wanted to get down from and the cloudy haze they never wanted to part with.
But reality was beckoning and before even a year could pass, they had to live in different cities to focus on their careers. Long distance relationships were never something they imagined they had to consider until they had to. Nivedha says how everything was a surprise but it was so easy to adapt knowing you have the love of your life by your side, even if not physically.
Nivedha says long distance never worried her. She points out how he was only a video call away. While she doesn't shy away from the arguments, fights and communication gaps that could have so easily been bridged if they were both in the same city, she says that just proved to them that this was worth it. They were worth it. That their relationship was most definitely worth it. She jokes with a laugh how she wasn't letting him go, and nor was he at least to annoy each other to death if not for anything else.
There was a lot of good moments, some bad, some terrible, some life-changing and some so romantic it almost felt like a movie, and they wouldn't change one of those for the world.
After a decade of love, laughter and happiness, they decided to have their big day. They are so ready to add more gorgeous moments to their already existing ten years worth of memories, stories and love.
They both gush how when you find the right person, you fall for them harder everyday and it's an adventure that everyone should have their heart open for. Both of them say the same thing - they are so sure that they've found the perfect match for them, they can't imagine life without each other and they wouldn't want to live life with anyone other than each other. They accept and cherish each other - flaws and all, included. That's what makes this story so raw and unrefined. It's authentic, natural and realistic. Their story is something that everyone can relate to while hoping to experience exactly the same kind of love, at least once.
Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous in the royal Sri Rajalakshmi Mahal. Nivedha basically glowed with happiness and Ravi couldn't stop stealing looks at her. The duo were surrounded by gleeful family and friends who seemed over the moon for this exciting, new step that Nivedha and Ravi were taking together. The couple seemed so comfortable with themselves, each other and so confident stepping into the new phase of their life.
We, at Studio 31 are so glad we got to capture their big day and listen to their heartwarming story. We cannot be happier for this couple and wish them the best!
Authored by Divya Babu
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