Hiding behind all the stunning decor and gorgeous attires lies the true meaning of a wedding - the union of families coming together and the beginning of a wonderful new journey. The addition of a brand new branch to the family tree is a beautiful thing. 
Families go through an overwhelming amount of emotions during weddings. And in most cases, that's an understatement. Indian families, more specifically, do tend to look at weddings as a form of achievement. And they're just so adorably proud of it that we don't even want to correct them anymore. 
From wanting nothing but the best for your daughter to hoping to find the love of your son's life and to everything in between, families do the most in any wedding. So, it's reasonable that they go through a myriad of different and contradicting emotions at the same time. 
With parents watching their little princes and princesses marry the love of their lives, with the fun aunts and uncles uncharacteristically getting emotional, to the elder siblings looking at the bride and groom proudly to the younger siblings’ happiest day - wedding brings out the best out of families. 
Sure, they might be a little too much to handle during wedding preparations, but come on, this adorably unusual way of showing love can be credited only to Indian families. They so badly want nothing but the best for weddings, it's almost impossible to try and convince them of choices that they don't deem to be first-class. And whatever way we look at all of this, it all comes down to love. The sheer, pure, unconditional love that families possess.
So, when we started looking for images to showcase all these hidden emotions, we could look at our hundreds of wedding images in a light we've never seen before. Every family member, in almost every image, emoted such variants of the same or a completely contradicting feeling. 
Not only was it incredibly fascinating, but it also showed how the hidden gems are so incredibly humane, we can't just not share it. Every crying face adored a smile, every dancing sibling had a joyous melancholy radiating off them and don't even get us started on parents because, my God, we never knew a human face could deliver over tens of emotions at the same time. But they most definitely can. 
This has been one of the most joyful projects and it gives us such pleasure that weddings are so evergreen that we can look at the images from a wedding that's half a decade old and we would be able to find something so uniquely new. 
Enjoy our collection of exclusive images selected just for this tiny project of ours - The Power of Emotions.
We won't let you down.
Authored by Divya Babu
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