Teacher’s Day means things of various ardency and intention to different people. To me personally, on a possibly irrelevant note, this day never fails to remind me of a movie. I’ll be honest, I’m no movie buff - I’m the typical reader that turned into a writer. But there are certain movies that have the potential to inspire and invigorate us if we let them. I believe Dead Poet's Society is one of those movies, at least for me. The movie is basically about a group of boys in a boarding school whose lives get turned upside down on the arrival of the new English teacher, Mr. Keating. He's articulate, understanding, kind, clever and inspires them with phrases like "Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary". And I absolutely fell in love with the concept of not being a prisoner of this idealistic world where everyone but you, gets to decide who you should be.
So when I sat down to write a blog about what this day means to me, I wanted to take a different route and know what this day means to my colleagues. I asked some of my colleagues what they think of or what they get reminded of on this special day - and truthfully, I wasn’t expecting them to start naming their colleagues as their beacon or counsel for the growth of their career and some, in their personal lives too. It never fails to astonish me how tightly-knit and close the people within this company are.
And obviously, I abandoned my idea to write about an objectively great movie and how teaching isn’t restricted just to our incredible teachers and learning, to our classrooms. The concept of listening to people talk about their colleagues and friends with no emotional awkwardness as their confidants and gurus is something I find so innately humane and heartwarming that I think has the potential to echo through the years to come.
So, this Teacher’s Day, I wanted to showcase what some of Studio 31’s faces spoke about when asked about this special day.

Team Studio 31 gushing about their mentors.

Authored by Divya Babu.
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