Nandhini and Nitish have a story that has a pinch of drama, a dash of excitement and a whole bunch of romance. These adorable lovebirds met at their workplace and what started as normal conversation led to being one of the most important meetings of their life.
With phone calls and messages turning into lunch dates and dinner getaways, it was obvious for everyone how head over heels in love they were for each other. But the couple remained oblivious to each other’s feelings. As Nandhini prepared to leave for France to pursue her Masters, Nitish gave her a helping hand all the way until she boarded the plane.
Just a few months after she had left, Nitish couldn’t stay away from her. He realized his love for her and followed her to France to confess his love. Nandhini, who realized how mutual the love between them was, immediately confessed, giving Nitish one of the sweetest surprises of his life.
The duo continued falling more and more in love with each other and when Nitish felt that the time was right, he popped the question. In Paris! In front of the Eiffel Tower! And Nandhini obviously said yes to one of the most romantic moments of her life.
Their wedding happened in a way that was incredibly true to their characters. Full of fun, laughter, and love. The couple seemed entranced by one another and couldn’t look away from each other. The affair was one of the loveliest things that Studio 31 has seen and it was a pleasure to have been a part of it! ​​​​​​​
Authored by Divya Babu.
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