Breaking down someone's walls and getting to know the rawest, innate form of someone's being is hard. We're a generation of people that have built walls around ourselves. We often find ourselves in the middle of a crowd, feeling completely and utterly alone. Though that sounds quite depressing, and I do think it is, it's got its own perks.
Falling in love is quite hard in itself, but the chances of finding someone who is willing to break down the tall walls you've built around yourself is almost astronomical. That's what this adorable couple found in each other and I think it's time to acknowledge that it doesn't happen to everyone. But we are so glad that it did happen for them and that we were there to witness these two souls becoming one.
Just over 3 years ago, Priya and Jaidev met at a mutual friend's birthday party. Smiles and numbers were exchanged. Text messages turned into hours of conversation and they started seeing each other outside of their friends group. The turning point, they mention, where their relationship took a turn for the better, was during the Chennai floods. The traumatic event for an entire city, when strangers from the corners of the city turned up to lend a helping hand to each other, these two souls were there - helping others out.
As noble as it was, they say, they weren't part of the army that helped put the city back together. The city brought them closer, and eventually together. Around 2016, after a lot of “Will they? Won't they?”s, Priya confessed to Jaidev about her feelings for him. Jaidev says he was completely caught off guard and did not expect it to go down that way. Priya stole his heart long back and he realized it right at that moment. But he was still hesitant to take the next step. She went onto to leave the country to pursue her Master's and they both knew they didn't want to give up on this budding relationship.
At that time, they started to put in time and effort into the relationship because they knew it wasn't fleeting whatever they were both feeling. Having been emotionally detached most of his life, Jaidev explains how Priya had this elegance in her kindness and sophistication in her strength. He says she's easily the strongest and kindest person he has come across, including himself. He gushes on about how she helped him become more in touch with his emotional side and made him feel loved and cherished.
I mean, isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard?
Priya says how she was more resilient than Jaidev as she knew that she was in love the moment she fell for him. She says that she knew that he would need his time and space, so she did the classy thing. She confessed her feelings for him, gave him space and time to contemplate, and went on about her life to achieve her dreams of pursuing Masters in the US of A. She mentions how they complemented each other perfectly and she knew he was falling for her just as much as she was for him, even when they were apart.
It surely is a story of hope, strength, and patience. Priya displayed hope when she confessed her feelings knowing  Jaidev would need time, and displayed her strength and poise as she gave him exactly what he needed to come to terms with the fact that he was already in love with her. Jaidev, though he took his time, when he confessed, he knew he would never have to rethink his decision. He confessed to her that he was head over heels for her and wanted to wed her as early as they possibly could.  
This striking couple had their wedding at the magnificent Enthiraj Kalyana Mandabam and they looked as beautiful as one could be. Priya was radiant and Jaidev couldn't look away. Her smiles were radiant, the entire venue filled with laughter and his overwhelmed expressions just made it all that better for us to witness this union!
We, at Studio 31, are so glad to have been a part of this gorgeous wedding.
Authored by Divya Babu
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