One of the things that make photography a greatly revered art form is its space for perception. It’s relatable to everyone because of its space to be viewed as something more than what it was meant to be. The possibilities behind a picture and what it’s supposed to ordain can always be interpreted in a way that’s particular to an individual. And that’s why photography is not only revered but also important.
Details, details, details. The age-old idiom “The devil is in the details” is befitting when it comes to photography because the Devil, God and everything in between really does lie in the details. Everything that adds in the wow factor, everything that makes a good photograph great is always in the smallest, tiniest details.
Attention to detail makes a huge difference in photography predominantly because it’s scrupulously concise, meticulously unpretentious and shows people the little things about life that they stay impervious to. That’s the entire purpose and beauty behind it. Even the incredible things that we see every day has become so mundane that we fail to see the beauty in it, let alone the beauty in the elements and characteristics that make it unique. And that’s what elbows people into awe when they look at the great photographs.
Capturing a wedding is stressful on its own without having to concentrate on the intricacies of the wedding details. And thus, to bifurcate focus to every single candid interaction and the details can be extremely challenging. Especially when almost everyone at the wedding is speeding through. And that’s what makes wedding photography so cherished, appreciated and loved but still one of the most demanding jobs out there.
Like I mentioned before, “The Devil really is in the details”. So, pay attention and never stop looking through the lens. The world is much more exciting that way.
Authored by Divya Babu.
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