There’s an Arabic word called ‘Ya’aburnee’ which translates to ‘you bury me’. I read about it somewhere in a book once, and it has somehow stuck with me since then. It conveys a hope that the person you love will outlive you so you wouldn’t have to spend a minute without them. That is one of the most heart-warming things I’ve read.
A part of my job requires me to listen to various love stories, watch weddings and write about them. So, I believe it would be fair to say I have heard my share of love stories. But when I heard about this particular couple - something hit home with me and I couldn’t get the word ‘Ya’aburnee’ out of mind.
When Poornima found a best friend in Jayanth, she had no clue she would find her soulmate in him too. Neither did Jayanth, but he realized it sooner than she did. So, let’s travel a little back and I’ll start at the beginning. Poornima and Jayanth met each other in college. They found that, they were in fact fascinated with each other because of the disparities in their personalities. One of their greatest shared passion is traveling, and this wanderlust filled couple found comfort in knowing they had found someone so alike.
Their friendship grew and so did they. Jayanth realized his feelings for his best friend but was understandably hesitant. So, when Jayanth had to leave for Sweden, of course, his best friend took a late train to visit him in a different state. Jayanth, touched by this gesture, confessed his love for her. Poornima was confused, to say the least.
When asked about whether she was actually in love with her best friend at that point, Poornima shares with a sheepish smile that she thinks she was, but she might have been just a smidgen stubborn to admit it.
Poornima might not have given an immediate answer but life went on for both of them. The following two months was difficult for her without  Jayanth around. And distance really did make the heart grow fonder. She couldn’t stop thinking about him. She realised that this was definitely more than friendship. The duo proved that love is not in sight but in heart. As soon as he returned, she found the courage to tell him about her feelings and the rest is history.
Poornima and Jayanth married each other in a gorgeous wedding at the EM EL EM Wedding Hall. It was a fun affair, wherein both families and friends rejoiced in the celebration of their love. It was an absolute pleasure to capture them and write about their love story that definitely deserves a movie of its own.
Behind the lens:
One of our favourite shutterbug Tamil who captured this love birds’ wedding says “Oh yes - Poornima and Jayanth! I loved capturing their wedding. The venue was huge - And I had so much space to work with. Friends and family of the duo were incredibly understanding and were a great help in producing high quality images. And that’s all, as a photographer I could ask for. It was amazing to see the couple interact - the innocence still intact, hasty stolen glances and absolute love in their eyes -- It was a pleasure to capture them.”
Authored by Divya Babu.

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